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Mission Sleep Featured on FoxNews Channel

Mission Sleep Gives Military Moms much needed rest


Mission Sleep Featured on NBC

Fairfax Station Patch

Getting a good night’s sleep as a new parent can be challenging. For single parents, it can be impossible. Now a new group, Mission Sleep, is stepping in to help and one of the first single moms they’re aiding is the widow of a DC police officer who died in the line of duty.

Fairfax Station Patch – February 27, 2012:

Fairfax Station Patch

Last week, moms tweeted, linked, and blogged in real time from NOVALive, a networking and charity event held at Fairfax Corner’s upscale consignment boutique, Chic Envy. Organizers Micaela Williamson of Burke and Andrea Khoury of Centreville teamed up to celebrate and expand the mom-blogging community as well as raise funds for a worthy cause, Mission Sleep. Local Mom Bloggers Converge at NOVALive to Network, Raise Money for Charity

Fairfax News – February 21, 2012:

Fairfax News Logo

Local mom Denise Stern launched Mission Sleep, a non-profit organization that strives to provide free, overnight newborn care to military moms whose husbands are deployed or wounded when baby arrives….Fairfax Bloggers Aim to Help Military Moms Get Some Sleep

Bristow Beat – February 21, 2012:

Bristow Beat

Mom/entrepreneur, Denise Stern of Bristow, thought there should be a business to help over-tired moms, so she created Let Mommy Sleep….Innovative Company Provides Overnight Newborn Care

Oh My Goff – February 21, 2012:

Oh My Goff

I met an extraordinary woman tonight. Her name is Shana Dittamo. She is a new mom, a wife of a hero and an inspiration for women everywhere…Mission Sleep: Nominate a new mom

WTOP Radio – January 30, 2012:


Imagine being a brand new military mom, living away from your family and to top it off, your husband is deployed when the baby arrives. Enter Denise Stern and Mission Sleep. Mission Sleep is the non-profit arm of Stern’s paid service Let Mommy Sleep. Virginia woman’s mission: Sleep for new military moms