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What is Mission Sleep?

Mission Sleep is a non-profit organization that strives to provide free, overnight newborn care to military families where a partner is deployed or wounded, or families who have lost a parent when baby arrives. Mission Sleep will provide a Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse or Post-Partum Unit Medical Technician to come into the home of the new parent and provide overnight care and education to that family. This allows parents to transition from hospital to home and provide her relief in the early nights home with baby.

Mission Sleep is the non-profit arm of Let Mommy Sleep, the only baby nurse agency serving Northern VA, DC and Baltimore. Mission Sleep supports new military families by providing overnight care by postpartum care and mother/baby unit nurses.


Who is eligible to receive care by Mission Sleep?

Any military member who has a newborn/infant 4 months or younger whose partner is deployed or wounded. Any parent who has lost a spouse during childbirth or immediately thereafter.

Parents must live in the Washington DC Metro and Baltimore areas. Parents will be served on a first come first served basis, with need being determined upon the direction of a social worker.


How does it work?

Military families may have a nurse for 5 nights between the hours of 10p – 7a. The nights can be consecutive or spread out over a longer period of time. Once a family decides they would like service, a caregiver will be placed with them on the nights of their choosing. Prior to beginning the caretime, mothers will receive their caregiver’s photo, contact information and credentials.

While in the family home the nurse will provide all care of the newborn/infant; diapering, feeding, changing linens, preparing bottles, bathing if needed and any other care. The nurse will also provide education to the family if the family wishes. All activity will be documented.


How do we contact you?

Please click here to contact us regarding overnight newborn care requests, sponsorship opportunities, fundraising, and general inquiries.


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